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Friday, August 9, 2013

Dog Toys and More: Today's Winners

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Time to Unleash our Announcements
Your comments during this giveaway have certainly been interesting. Everyone seems to have a clear understanding of which toy most appeals to their dog. Several days into this, I counted the comments that mentioned a preference and found that there was no majority; the soft toy and the chewy tug toy were in a dead heat. Geek! I can't help but get off on little details like that.

Here's what I can tell you happened at my house. After Oliver and I shot the photos of him with the prizes, Tanner nuzzled in to try to snag the bumi, while Oliver wanted to make off with the Rat. I had to act fast and put the prizes on a shelf, safe for shipping to our winners. All that happened while Patches snoozed away in the box that the prizes arrived in. I guess that's no surprise. What is it with cats and boxes? So funny!

Thanks again to Unleashed by Petco for sponsoring this fun event. I'm sure our winners will be thrilled no matter which toy their pet receives. The wipes and probiotics are a terrific addition and sure to help you keep Fido clean and healthy.

I've drawn 2 winners and one will receive each prize. Please step up and claim your prizes Jennifer K. and Lisa L. I'll give you each a fighting chance to make your choice, but it's first come, first serve. So, ladies, you've been served notice. Watch your email for my message. Congratulations!

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