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Saturday, May 4, 2013

So Your Dog is a Thief?
Enjoying Dinner with Company

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
courtesy Jackal of all Trades via
Salvage Your Dinner Party
Strange topic for a Weekly Wag, right? Maybe not. Ever have a gathering for dinner during which your dog becomes the center of attention due to begging, whining or downright food thievery? Embarrassing, right?! 

The strategy we use at the All Things Dog Blog house is so simple that you'll be scratching your head and wondering "Why didn't I think of that?" I take a Kong or other fillable chew toy, layering several of my dog's favorite yummies inside. Freeze this delicious meal before serving just as your guests are seated. 

The layers are key as they make the ensuing chow time a virtual hunt as your dog, one by one, uncovers a new layer of something tasty. Vary the textures, colors and flavors and your dog will stay with his frozen delight for quite a while, licking every last bit of residue and not wishing to abandon his latest thrill.

I'll include here a recent visual example provided by the AKC, so you can get some ideas of things to go inside. You'll probably find plenty of leftovers in your fridge that will work great, just remember to go easy on the fatty items like cheese or hotdogs.

After you ask your dog to sit and wait permission, give him a nice gentle ear rub or stroke his back as he enjoys starting this fab snack. When you slip away to join your guests, he'll
hardly notice you're gone and will eagerly look forward to the next dinner party. What's more, you can proudly watch as he noshes away at his treat while your guests have a peaceful dinner. Repeat after me: "Gosh, I love that dog!"

Tell me about your latest dinner party--disaster or success? We would all love to hear your stories. The comment link is open.

Happy tails,

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evie said...

i dont really entertain or have dinner parties. however, i have to watch my dogs when i give them treats or feed them b/c they are thieves among themselves....also one time i left my dinner on my night stand, did not think they could get to it....and when i went was all gone, not even a crumb....i was very nervous b/c it was chicken, so i was lucky no one got sick...i feed them in separate areas and lock the baby in her crate b/c she is a very slow eater...evie is slow at eating her snacks/treats and the other 2 will try to take them away from her, even out of her mouth...

Kolchak Puggle said...

We do much the same. They all get a Kong or a puzzle toy to keep them busy while we eat.

Dawn said...

Maya and Pierson have been taught not to beg. No, we don't use distracting toys or anything, although the stuffed Kong sounds like an excellent idea. The last time we had a dinner party was just a few weeks ago. Maya and Pierson lay quietly under the table, which is the perfect spot to be should someone accidentally drop something. Maya and Pierson were so quiet that no one even noticed they were there. Their reward for being so good was that they were the center of attention afterwards. They got to show off their tricks in exchange for healthy dog treats.

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Dawn: It does my heart good to hear your story. I hope lots of my readers are inspired :)

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