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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Puppy Training Part II:
Start with Motivation

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Oliver Continues to Love His Crate Today

It should come as no big surprise that most dogs are food motivated.  Hold out a particularly yummy smelling treat and you've got Fido's attention until you give it to him. That makes training treats an incredibly powerful training tool--quite possibly the most important one you'll find for most dogs. 

You can harness that motivation and use it to train a dog to run an agility course, perform freestyle dance, and yes, even love his crate and potty outside. You simply need to get a treat with a strong aroma and make certain your timing is spot on. When you associate receiving that delicious morsel with the exact moment that your dog runs into his crate or tinkles on the grass, you've got a winning combination that will soon have your pup building the good habits you seek.

In the agility world, many of the trainers refer to a strong-scented treat as a 'high value' treat. These are the ones your dog will overcome fears to earn. So if a crate is new to your rescue dog, try burying a few treats inside his crate, under the bedding and give him a chance to bond with that crate over the yummy goodies it delivers. Build on short visits inside the crate, assuring a very comfortable bed and a location that allows him to see you and your family wherever you spend most of your time at home.

With each visit that gets a little longer and increasingly easier, offer a reward to build that comfort level even more. Make sure you use small bits, so as not to upset your dog's tummy, going especially tiny for your puppy while training her. 

One popular choice for your toughest training jobs is Zukes Mini Naturals. These moist miniature dog treats are easily broken up for the tiniest of puppies, but suitable for frequent rewards during daily training with your older dog as well. Available in 4 flavors (peanut butter, chicken, salmon and rabbit), test them all to learn which appeals to your pup's senses the most. You'll want to determine his greatest motivator. This will be the treat of choice for the more challenging training to come.
courtesy Zukes

With no wheat, corn or soy, you'll be giving your pet a low calorie reward (less than 3 1/2 calories per treat) that isn't likely to aggravate any allergies and is filled with whole food antioxidants for good health. To learn more about their extensive line of products, join Event Barkers for our upcoming Twitter Party. Healthy nutrition is at the root. Stay tuned for more details coming soon...

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