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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Natural Balance: Pet Nutrition + Fitness

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© L. Boese
First We Stay

© L. Boese
The Long Jump!
Tanner, our Fetch-crazed Retriever, is pulling out all the stops these days. We're noticing a sudden burst of energy that has us wondering, "What's different?" I look around and can only think of two things. Tanner's diet and the change of seasons, albeit a minimal change here in Central Florida where we enjoy a nearly year round version of hot and humid.

With my plans to take Tanner along to Blogpaws, I suppose I'll need to get a lot of Fetch in before departure. I'm guessing he won't be welcome in the hotel pool, no matter how dog-friendly the hotel is :)

That said, we've been adding in extra walks, playing more Fetch, swimming, biking and enjoying a good deal of family and company lately. Tanner's in heaven. After all, aren't they all coming to visit him?

Before my partnership with Natural Balance kicked in, I was asked by one of the organizers to share some of Tanner's skills in my posts. So here's our first installment on that request. There will be more.
© L. Boese
Back to Mom for Round 2

Swimming is an excellent exercise for you, me and our dogs. Without the weight of our bodies to support, our joints are under less stress, even as our muscles work to propel us. This is why it's an ideal exercise for dogs who are prone to hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Tanner, while being a rescue, still has that pure Golden possibility. My goal has been to do all I can to prevent it, especially now as he approaches the age of 7. Here are the strategies I employ:
  • Exercise to keep the joints loose and muscles limber
  • Swim to keep the cardiovascular system strong 
  • Take supplemental glucosamine-chondroitin to support healthy joints
  • Feed an organic, AAFCO-approved diet--Natural Balance Organic Formula--to avoid unnecessary toxins in the liver
  • Maintain a slender weight to avoid stress on the hips and shoulders. Tanner is a long, tall dog, weighing in at a steady 70 lbs.
  • Practice daily training and mentally-stimulating activities that keep his mind sharp and body busy and strong
  • © L. Boese
    Thank You Tanner

  • Play Fetch to give Tanner additional mental tasks. We have a variety of different Fetch games we play.
Enjoy the photos and please do give Natural Balance a try. You can receive free coupons by simply clicking the banner ad at the top of this column. Go for it!

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Doggie Nation said...

I was impressed that you really take time to figure out whats best for Tanner. I lot of people do not understand that dogs should be given proper care for them to be healthy and avoid being sick especially when they are still young or in their old age.

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