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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mutt Monday: Dog Toys for Outdoor Play

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
If it were up to Tanner, this page would be awash in dog toys. You should see our house. Every room has a toy basket and they are all overflowing. I constantly rotate toys and put a few away, allowing them to reappear several months later as "new friends". Such a life these dogs of mine lead!

I've linked a few of our toy reviews that are special to my boys. Bloggers are invited to link up theirs as well. One note of peculiar inclusion may be the Bug Bam. Clearly this is not a toy, but it does help to make playing outdoors safer and less uncomfortable when mosquitoes are in season.

We hope you enjoy looking into these possible playthings for your pups, and look forward to your comments and questions. Please let us know what your dog's favorite items are. C'mon; you know you want to tell me. The comment link is open!

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Dawn said...

Oops! I put a review for a dog toy that is indoors. Feel free to delete it. Sorry! It's been a long weekend.

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