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Monday, April 15, 2013

Dog Leashes: Be Aware of Dangers

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
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Even a Short Leash Can be Dangerous

Whether you choose to go 'plain Jane' with a nylon webbing leash, organic cotton or hemp, or one of the fancy-schmancy designer leashes of all kinds that are available out there, leashes have their place and their dangers.
First and foremost, leashes are the law in most states. Walking your dog without one is not only dangerous for your dog, but could be dangerous for others if your Fido is hit and becomes aggressive out of fear. Don't think this can never happen to you. If you choose to walk your pet off-leash, select the location with extreme care--off the beaten path, yet not in the woods where wild animal scents could lure him astray. Lost dogs are another reason for leashes :)

I'm sure we're all in agreement that leashes should be the mainstay of dog ownership. Every dog needs a leash, collar, tag and food. While other 'essentials' may not actually be necessary, these most certainly are.

Keep in mind, though, that leashes should never be left on your dog when he is unsupervised. Many a dog owner has tied up their dog only to return and find him injured or strangled. 

Further, this danger does not end with you. I'd like to take a more serious tone here. As your pet's caretaker, I'd like you to take the selection of pet professionals who care for or provide services to your pet, seriously. Feel free to ask if your pet will be crated or tied up while awaiting his turn at the groomer's, veterinarian, training facility or boarding kennel. 

It's your duty to know if a leash will be involved. If so, please ask that your dog be supervised  at all times while attached to a leash. Just the mention of this will remind even the most diligent of professionals that they are responsible for the safety and welfare of your pet while in their care. 
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Accidents happen, but with supervision, your pet will likely never have more than a minor injury if tangled in a leash. Keep your pet's professionals aware of your wishes on this note and together you can prevent a devastating accident from taking your pup from you.

Read more about the dangers at Pi Love Unleashed and talk to others on their Facebook page. 

Happy tails,

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Unknown said...

That's is a really interesting matter. And a real eye opener. Thanks so much!

GizmoGeodog said...

I just finished reading Pi's story...A totally preventable tragedy that breaks your heart...The courage in sharing it in hopes of preventing other deaths is commendable

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all!

Oh leash danger is so true. The other day a cute little Peke came strolling out into traffic on a rural road where cars drive fast. My Human stopped and another woman. The Peke was dragging a leash. They got it out of the road but it ran full speed up a dirt side road. Hopefully, it knew its way home.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Dawn said...

You definitely have to be careful leaving dogs on leashes unsupervised. I've heard horror stories. Have you heard the dangers of retractable leads too? If it is in retractable mode when you are walking your dog down the sidewalk, be careful of other things across the street that might catch your dog's attention. If your dog suddenly tries to dart across the street to get at something, he could get struck by a car. Terrible.

It's Kelley! said...

I'm an animal control officer and one of the saddest calls we've had invloves a leash. Last fall a resident tied his dog's leash to the gear shift while he ran into the CVS for a few minutes. Unfortunately the dog jumped out the window during that time. The man came out to see his Frency hanging watched it take it's last breath -- the dog was dead by the time he got to the vet. I felt horrible because I knew the little dog was that man's life -- we had discussed it several times. The owner was so distraught that he killed himself 2 days later.

Anonymous said...

What a unique, thought-provoking post. I am a professional pet sitter, and I do not walk dogs without a leash, even if my clients request it. I explain to them the reasons why, and they usually understand. I suffered an injury that will affect me for the rest of my life (three broken fingers) while three off-leash dogs attacked a client's dog I was walking on-leash. Off-leash or on, responsible dog owners will make sure their dogs are under control.

That being said, a dog should never be left unattended and attached to a leash. NEVER.

Unknown said...

We recently added two American pitbull puppies to our dog family- the message you've written about here is clear and very true. It's our responsibility to keep our animals (and other animals and people) safe when it comes to leashes.

Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging said...

Thanks for the reminder! When walking three dogs, I have to take care, especially when other dog walkers approach us for a butt sniff without asking. Lots of dogs getting tangled increasing the risk of injury.

And you're right, we shouldn't leave our dogs alone on a leash. Better safe than sorry :)

Tiffany John said...

Excellent blog! You’re a great example of an experienced dog person who knows the risks and uses them with awareness. That is good use.

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you--it's every dog owner's responsibility to keep their dog on a leash. Even if your dog is truly obedient, you just never know what may happen. I bought a leash from Hot Dog Collars for my golden retriever, and I found it to be the perfect length for her--not too restrictive, but not too long, either. It's better to be safe than sorry!

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