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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fido's Pawsitively Homemade Valentines

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Valentines for Dogs!

Tanner and Oliver answer the door when the doorbell rings. Why? I'm sure you know if you're a dog lover. Visitors! But for my dogs the doorbell represents another excitement--review product deliveries. I'm not sure which they like the most. Actually, today I know the answer; today they would vote for the delivery.

Please, Mom?
When the Pawsitively Homemade Valentine treat assortment arrived, my boys' noses were in high gear. Before I even opened the box they knew it was something tasty. And our taste test was proof positive of that assumption. These peanut butter treats smelled and apparently tasted pretty darn good. 

When I was contacted by Pawsitively Homemade regarding this review, I had a few questions before agreeing. Where are the treats made? What artificial ingredients are included? And most importantly, how do they make the beautiful shades of pink and red? Honestly, I figured that last question would trip them up and I'd be on my way. We don't do FDC Red No. 3 at All Things Dog Blog.

Big surprise! Not only were the answers all good; they were great! Here's what I learned: "The red is made from red beet powder. All of the coloring is natural such as spinach powder, turmeric powder, red cabbage, blue cabbage, beta carotene for orange. There is no artificial coloring."

Here's a quote I took from their website regarding ingredients:

"We offer healthy dog treat choices that are wheat-free, gluten-free, grain free, and vegetarian. Our treats are made in the USA with human grade ingredients sourced in the USA. No preservatives, chemicals, fillers, artificial dyes or animal byproducts are found in our dog treats. "
You'll find a complete list of ingredients on the ordering page for each product. If you've still got questions, jump over to Facebook or Twitter and give them a shout. And don't forget Pinterest; this fun new social media channel is a terrific way to show off anything visual. Check out their cute designs. Too bad you can't smell via Pinterest!

Pawsitively Homemade provided All Things Dog Blog with this Valentines sample box to review and show off to you. We were not paid to write this review or to run the giveaway that will follow. There is no purchase required to enter.


PACOs HOPE & Anita Maas said...

looks delish!!!!! how do you know we where looking at stuff like this :) enjoy

PetSafe said...

Happy Heart's day, You look great on your pictures and your valentines stuff are really cool! :D

Jay Mo said...

I wonder if I can get away with giving these to my dog, whose stomach gets upset easily. Maybe one treat a week for a long time to come? I wonder if they keep well. Thanks for the post, definitely going to look into these yummy treats!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Chub Chub: If you'd like to take it slow, I would recommend freezing them and offering small pieces only every few days, watching his reaction. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Really cute! My dog Sookie is my favorite Valentine (my boyfriend is my second- haha joking). :)


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