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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doodie Pack Identifies Your Dog & Provides Storage for Essentials

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
iWalk with my iPhone
You've probably heard about or seen dog backpacks. My 70-lb. Tanner has one and it was great for him as a youngster to help burn extra energy on our walks. I used the compartments to have him carry harmless items like bags of beans or rice. This activity made him strong and helped him burn off that excess energy that many high-energy, young dogs need help with. Occasionally I even added other necessities to Tanner's pack like poop bags, house keys, and my cell phone. It wasn't long before I realized that was the perfect place for these items.

Fast forward to 2012 and Kristin Elliot has created the Doodie Pack, a simpler version of the backpack that looks much like a vest, but has the serviceability of a functional pack. Each side has a Velcro-sealed pocket intended for owner utility. Bigger sizes can even carry a water bottle or other larger items. 

Place your iPhone in one side and your keys and poop bags in the other. Or save the pleated pocket to allow Fido to carry his own used waste bag home for disposal. Won't it be great not to carry that 'fun' bag for the whole walk!

Believe it or not, even on a 10-lb. pup like Oliver, this will all fit and your Fido will not balk. To my surprise, Oliver seemed to perk up as if he had an important job, when I first placed small items in his Doodie Pack. Many dogs curb their errant behavior when given an important job to do, and sure enough, this became Oliver's job. He carried my phone, his poop bags and the house keys, walking quite gentlemanly.

But there's more! What's extra cool about the Doodie Pack is the ability to have your dog's name embroidered on it. Now your neighbors can learn your dog's name, and strangers will immediately know how to address your furry friend also. 

After telling Kristin that I was sometimes frustrated by the frequent question, "Is he friendly?", before a stranger would approach and say hello, she and I decided we might use the vest as a solution for that issue. 

It sometimes amazes me how little people intuit from dog communication. When Oliver is wiggling and wagging his tail furiously, you'd think it was obvious that he's eager to greet. I'm learning that many people have been nipped by little dogs who don't like having a hand shoved in their direction. Okay, I forgive them! But, seriously, Oliver IS FRIENDLY as friendly can be! He loves everyone.
courtesy Doodie Pack

Kristin felt my pain and offered a solution. Since Oliver is a Canine Good Citizen, he now has this emblazoned on his Doodie Pack as a way of telling others that he is generally well-behaved and friendly. I'm thinking about Tanner and wondering if I should change it up a bit and go with "Will Fetch for Food"? BOL! Or maybe "Master Fetcher"? What do you think?

So, the Doodie Pack is both a vest and a utility pack. It's great to have a place to put your essentials when your pants don't have pockets. Let Fido carry them!

Learn more about Doodie Pack here:
Doodie Pack provided Oliver with a pack to help identify him as a friendly dog in social situations. I was not compensated to write about our experiences and the opinions herein are my own. 


bichonpawz said...

What a great idea!! Honestly, Chloe is kind of scared, so if I am out with her at the vet or something, I would like to have "I MAY Bite You" on the vest!! Sometimes little kids have actually come up and flung themselves at her and it really scared her!! Happy Thanksgiving to you! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

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