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Sunday, October 14, 2012

BUG BAM! Mosquito Tag Review

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
(c) All Things Dog Blog
Safety First!
You know that test your vet always insists on giving your dog once a year? You know the one, the heartworm test. For anyone who takes good care of their dog, as I assume you all do, the test always comes back negative... thank goodness. Believe me, you do not want a positive heartworm result. 

Heartworms are one of the most life-threatening diseases a dog can acquire. Fortunately today, it is very treatable.

How would your dog acquire heartworms you ask? Quite simply in fact; heartworms are a parasitic disease that is transmitted to a dog when they are bitten by a mosquito. The heartworm parasite matures within the mosquito and is passed into the blood when a mosquito bites a dog. Therefore, as I am sure you have all guessed, it is extremely important to keep mosquitoes away from your dogs. To learn more about heartworms, visit the American Heartworm Society

For my dogs, whenever we will be outdoors for long periods of time, we like to use some sort of repellant. For instance, when going to the dog park or going for a hike at the State park nearby, I always attach this mosquito repelling tag to my dogs’ collars.
Courtesy BUG BAM!
2 Tags in Each Package!
Manufactured by BUG BAM! for pets, this tag is made with all natural ingredients, including citronella and lemongrass, and is therefore, entirely non-toxic. Additionally, it is lightweight and made mainly of latex so it will not irritate your dog’s neck. 

Don't forget, to continue use of any heartworm preventative medications as instructed by your veterinarian.
This Eco-friendly product is also reusable, and each package comes with two tags! Therefore, one package may last you several months depending on the time of year. 

Certain times of the day, particularly during summer, it is imperative that mosquitoes be kept at bay to protect your dogs; dusk here in Florida is when mosquitoes come out in great numbers.

This excellent mosquito repelling tag will help protect your dog from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as heartworms in an entirely safe, non-toxic method. For more information about this product and others you can visit the BUG BAM! website, @BugBam on Twitter, and their Facebook page. BUG BAM! also makes products for humans! Now you and your dog can both be protected from mosquitoes in an eco-friendly way. Why not join Fido and enjoy a pest-free hike today!

Bug Bam! provided us with a package of tags to test and we love the smell. Tanner and Oliver wear the tag quite happily and the ingredients are notably good for repelling pests. I was not compensated for reviewing this product or for the giveaway that will follow soon. There is no purchase required to enter.


Pets Information said...

That's good, I know Elka, too! She's looking cute, and very sweet..

How Sam Sees It said...

Does it keep fleas off too? We will have to look them up - thankfully, we live in a very dry area, but during our monsoons we get plenty of mosquitoes.


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