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Thursday, September 20, 2012

#RedCarpetCat Hits Hollywood

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© The Tiniest Tiger
Gracey is a Winner
Caring for Cats, Big and Small
Gracey, the #RedCarpetCat of The Tiniest Tiger, has taken Hollywood by storm. She's popular beyond words as she is now a two-time participant in the Secret Room events, celebrating the Oscars and Emmy Awards. 

What's not to love about caring for all the animals? Last night in between star-gazing and playing TV Animal Trivia, we learned a bit about @TheTiniestTiger's mom and her efforts to save animals. It was a heartwarming story filled with travel, fun photos and short Tweets about her conservation experiences. I hope you were there to enjoy this.

Our #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party was a great success last night, largely due in part to a terrific audience. Thanks to all of you who joined us for this rip-roaring extravaganza. With well over 400 unique participants, we had almost 6000 Tweets! That's not all. We've just got to share this exciting news: #RedCarpetCat was a Twitter trending topic for the entire party! You guys rock!

We had a ton of fun sharing trivia, winning thousands in prizes, and watching the parade of stars that have visited Gracey in the Secret Room. What was your favorite part of the party? I'm still struggling to answer that question myself.

Now I want to share all the winners' names with you. The pre-party prizes did not require attendance, so these folks could experience a big surprise either here or in their Twitter DMs. Feel free to comment with your congratulations or offer them on Twitter. This is a grand list:

  1. At 5:30 PM Pacific we opened with the announcement of our RSVP Prize, which went to @boomermuse.
  2. Winners of the Barkworld Expo Social Media Conference Passes are: @VelvetBlade, @TinyTimmySpeaks, @DancingDogBlog, @RomeoBeau2011, @GratefulHoops
  3. Prize number 2 was a winner's choice Hipster Bag. Our winner, @wolfens64, will receive either a Canine Cool Hipster or a Tiniest Tiger Hipster.
  4. Our Rafflecopter winner was Prize number 3: another Canine Cool Hipster or Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag. Congratulations to @jednc2 for winning this prize.
  5. A Princess Gracey Hipster went to @pudgebutters, who won the PreTweet drawing, prize number 4, from Tweets sent before the party, using the #RedCarpetCat hashtag.
  6. Prize number 5 included an autographed copy of Jack Hanna's book, 'Jungle Jack: My Wild Life', a Canine Cool Hipster bag and Gracey Coin and Camera bag. This prize went to @St4ceyNicole.
  7. The Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag was given away with Prize number 6, in addition to a Gracey Shaker and an autographed copy of Jackson Galaxy's book, 'The Cat Daddy'. Congrats to @SadgeKitten for this nice win.
  8. Sponsored by @ASPCA, 5 Fling-ama-String cat toys were won by @Paintfrog, @ChellesYvonne, @littleboyBO, @sleatham1 and @ThePetBookLady. These winners  ReTweeted a message for the ASPCA to win.
  9. Party Prize number 7, won by @ChazztheDog, included The Tiniest Tiger Tote bag along with a Gracey ID and Key holder and a Cosmetic Bag. 
  10. There's going to be a happy cat out there in a few days. @bottomthebasset won a Kittyblock cat hiding spot, a favorite of many felines. This was Prize number 8.
  11. Sponsored by Cat Power Tower, Prize number 9 was a Hunting Platform for one happy kitty. The winner was @PaulinaChills
  12. Our Grand Prize went to @Seattlesown and truly was awesome. This winner will receive The Tiniest Tiger Bucket Tote with all the Gracey accessories and a Gracey Shaker for the kitty of the house.
I'm feeling a bit like Santa Claus today and could use a good long nap. Tanner and Oliver are definitely keen to join me.  I'm guessing that my compadre over at is feeling the same way. Our partnership in Event Barkers has been an enjoyable new challenge, albeit a great deal of work!

Thanks again to @TheTiniestTiger for sponsoring this event. My Event Barkers partner, and I enjoyed creating and producing this event immensely. And more thank yous to Gracey's major sponsors: @ASPCA, @BestCatLitter, @BissellClean, @HillsPet, and @Iams. If you're a winner, you may want to pop out a note to each, thanking them for the great prizes.

The Fido's Freebie Friday weekly giveaway offering will open at 4 PM as scheduled. Hope to see you there. 

Event Barkers is working with The Tiniest Tiger to produce the #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party.
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