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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oliver's Adoption Advice for Bo's Family

Guest Post by Oliver

Adopting a canine companion for your current dog can be tricky business if your furry friend is not easy going, well-trained and friendly. Between you and me, I got lucky with Tanner. He's extremely friendly with other dogs, learned how to play with me in a DOWN position when I was a tiny, fragile puppy, and has a similar energy level and need for activity as I do. Those things made for a good match.

I'd like to offer the Obamas some tips on making sure that they choose the right pet for Bo's companion. While the pup mom and I have selected (ironically named Carrie!) is conveniently located, lower in allergens for the Obama daughters and sounds well-mannered, they also need to evaluate other factors:

  • Is Carrie well socialized with bigger dogs? A dog behaviorist may be the best choice for evaluating the two dogs together, to determine if they are a good match for companionship.
  • Is the Obama household able to offer appropriate training and exercise for another dog? Once 'Carrie' or another adoptee is leash trained and well-mannered on walks, the two can be walked together. Often leash training a dog that has had little experience is better begun one on one. Once the dog starts to get the hang of it, adding another well-trained dog to the walk can offer a good example to follow.
  • Can someone in the Obama household or staff commit to regular brushing and grooming of another dog? 'Carrie' will require regular brushing as well as teeth and ear care, and other grooming. Getting Bo and 'Carrie' on the same grooming schedule could easily allow the two to visit the groomer together, simplifying the process.
  • Consider Carrie's energy level and needs. Does she match another member of the family that she will be able to bond with, and with whom she will likely enjoy spending time? Toy dogs often fall into the 'companion dog' category, meaning that they may bond closely to a human in the family, as well as their canine companions. Ideally, the entire family should meet and spend time with Carrie before she is selected.
  • Carrie should also be evaluated for her socialization and, if chosen, her socialization should be a focus of her training along with Bo and other family members.
The White House is no place for a dog that wants to take charge. That's the President's job! Carrie will need to be evaluated for her potential to develop "Little Dog Syndrome", just to make sure that she doesn't run roughshod around her new family. While it sounds like Carrie is a good-natured dog, it is important that she be selected carefully, trained lovingly, and socialized frequently. The same goes for you and any pup companion you may wish to add to your furry family. Best wishes to Bo and his family. Happy hunting!

Home Goods asked us to provide a comfortable hang out for Bo Obama. As a part of this effort, Oliver has advised the Obama family to adopt a companion for Bo from Petfinder. These tips are related to that suggestion. You can visit more of Carrie's posts about the Bo Obama Visit here and here, as well as enter a giveaway of Home Goods Gift Cards here.


Pet Memorial said...

Nice work on putting together a very interesting post. Fabulous ideas and very helpful information. Well thought out and well written...Cat Urn

Bassetmomma said...

What an informative post. Good job! Happy WW!

lifewithbeagle said...

I hope Carrie works out! Your points are really good, and I hope you get to see Bo soon!

Christie from

Kia said...

Good post! That's a lot of good things to keep in mind :) Happy Wordless Wednesday!

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Just want to hop on by and touch base with y'all. Looks like y'all are havin' a great day!

Good advise. I just hope my Human doesn't decide I need a companion!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Heartprints Pets said...

Wonderful advice!

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