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Monday, August 6, 2012

All Things Dog Blog's Patches
Checks Out New Cat Chow

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Will She or Won't She?
For those of you who have cats, you probably already know they have one common characteristic; they are highly curious! When a bag of Nature's Logic cat food arrived for her to offer an opinion on, she was definitely in her curious kitty form. Follow along and let's see what she thinks:

Not a terribly finicky eater, she can sometimes surprise us when she turns up her nose at a piece of cheese or a nibble of ham. You just never know, so this was definitely an experiment we were eager to see the results of. This was the day she would test Nature's Logic.

© Carrie Boyko
Patches Contemplates her Options
I was surprised at the variety offered by this company whose name was not terribly familiar to me. I've enjoyed learning about them, getting to know their representatives, and working with them on the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party preparations. You'll be happy to know that each and every #BarktoSchool prize will include a bag of Nature's Logic and 3 cans of food, a nice chance for you to see how your pet responds to this healthy option. Patches is gambling that your kitty (or your Woof; they get to win too!) will offer an enthusiatic "Meow!"

The folks at Nature's Logic encourage rotation diets to help minimize the potential for developing food allergies. In this goal they offer a wide variety of foods that include beef, chicken, venison, rabbit, duck and salmon. Who knew?

© Carrie Boyko
Chow Down, Patches!
What's more, this multitude of protein sources is provided in canned, dry kibble and even frozen raw form, for those owners who like to feed the raw food way. I'm extremely impressed with their selection of higher quality grains as well. They include no wheat, corn, rice, soy, or potato in their foods.

In addition to their 3 lines of food, Nature's Logic sells kitty litter, an all-natural supplement and an EFA supplement. Nature’s Logic™ North Atlantic Sardine Oil contains more EFA and DHA than Salmon Oil and has naturally lower levels of environmental contaminants. That's a healthy statement that All Things Dog Blog can get behind as an additive to our dog's food, as well as Patches chow. The dogs love fish oil supplements added to their kibble just as much as Patches does.

Being the cautious Feline that she is, Patches spent nearly a whole day watching her dish before she finally decided to dig in. And dig in she did!

© Carrie Boyko
Lip-Licking Good!

I would be off base if I did not remind you that in switching pet foods, it is always best to switch gradually over a period of about a week or so. By adding a bit more of your pet's new food to the old brand each day, you'll allow the tummy to gradually adjust to the changes that may otherwise upset their digestion. This is an excellent practice anytime you change Fido or Meow's diet.

When Patches left her now empty dish licking her lips, I knew that was her sign of approval, at least for the flavor of her Nature's Logic dinner. Fortunately for our pets, we get to make the decision of which brand we purchase. Choosing a brand with high quality proteins and carbohydrates, along with all-natural, non-synthetic supplements, is much more likely to lead to a long, healthy life and a hearty energy level.

I'll be sharing all sorts of trivia about Nature's Logic at the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party on Sunday night. Everything you ever wanted to know about this food will probably be included, so be sure to join us to learn more. You may want to make the change as Patches has--yummy meow!

Learn more about Nature's Logic here:

Join us for #BarktoSchool to learn more
Order Nature's Logic online here
Store Locator
Pet Food Recall First Alert Sign Up (Wow! Is this proactive or what?!!!)

Nature's Logic is working with Event Barkers to promote their products and brand via a Twitter Party, #BarktoSchool.


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Cool I have started adding fish oil to my kitties food and she really isn't a fan. But She needs it for her coat and the anti-inflammatory properties. She was declawed and do to a life time of not being able to stretch properly has shoulder problems that I have to work on every day with massage and gentle stretching.

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