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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Petco Stays Cool in Summer

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Toss it Already!
Let the Fetching Begin
One of my favorite parts of blogging are the product reviews. Tanner and Oliver really get into showing off new stuff. Today we're sharing a couple of new products you'll find at Petco and that are terrific for hot Summer days. 

Tanner is my water maniac. He'll fetch anything, as long as I give him permission. Today I put Oliver in charge of Lifeguard Duty just to keep him busy while Tanner and I enjoyed a good game of Fetch with the new Hydro Fetch dog chew and fetch toy.

The toy has holes all around the middle that allow the antibacterial sponge core to absorb water. This makes playing with it that much more fun. You can even soak it and freeze it if you like, for an extra cooling playtime. If you freeze it, however, be careful when tossing it. It gets heavy and could hurt if it hits your pup.

Tanner Moves Through the Pool
 to Return the Prize
The outside of the Hydro Fetch is a durable rubber material that is soft on the mouth. One of the other features that we noticed is the size. The Hydro Fetch is not as large as the usual fetch toy for a Retriever, making it a better toy for medium and large dogs to enjoy together. The website also carries another version which appears to be a bit larger around, if bigger is better for your dog. Be aware of any toy guarding tendencies if you allow your pets to play together, and always use with supervision, removing if the toy becomes damaged.

Bombs Away!
After an active play session, always offer your dog fresh water. Wait on mealtime for at least an hour to allow his breathing to slow to a normal rhythm. This Wander Pail, by Kurgo, is a new discovery you'll also find at Petco. It comes in two sizes for both small and larger dogs. What's really cool, though, is the interior nested food bowl, where you can tote Fido's lunch, safe from the water below. 

Tanner Models the Wander Pail
The Wander Pail has a screw on lid for security, and a comfortable carrying handle, perfect for your Summer days on the go. Also of note is that the unit is insulated for raw food diets, and dishwasher safe to assure a completely clean and sanitized bowl after your outing.

You'll find both of these items in your local Petco store and online at Watch for a giveaway of each of these items, coming up shortly.

The products that appear in this review were provided as review samples by Petco. I was not paid to review them or to offer the giveaway that will appear on my blog soon. There is no purchase required to enter.


Angie S said...

I think it's great that the Hydro is blue - many petowners are shocked to find out that all those bright red toys are not as visible to a dog as are the blue and yellow ones.
I'm ordering it for my Bostons...they'll love it!

Eric K. said...

This is a great toy. With summer around the corner, it will be a perfect way to cool down. Thanks for sharing.

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