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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pet Cams Go Mainstream

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
What Would You Like to Watch at Home?

When contacted by Video Surveillance for my thoughts on pet cams, I offered some quick input and moved on to my next task. Much to my surprise, these nice folks published my interview with additional information on surveillance cameras for pets. You may find this interview and information helpful if you've been considering:
  • How can I solve this problem that occurs in my absence when I don't know what starts it?
  • What prompts Fido's destruction or my dog's fights?
  • Just how anxious is my little one when I often return to see signs of separation anxiety?
  • Are there any situations that cause my dog's excessive barking during my absences?
You'll find that these and many more uses may provide answers to your pet problem solving challenges. Do you have a dog or other pet that has issues while you are away? Tell us about it in the comment section. I'd love to learn more.
Happy tails,


Kolchak Puggle said...

We would have LOVED a camera when we first got Kolchak! We kept coming home to find little Houdini out of his crate. Finally one day I caught the dogs red-pawed. If Felix bit the top spring and Koly pawed at the bottom one, they could *just* manage to spring the lock. *troublemakers, the whole lot of them!*

NikkiDee said...

Wow! What an incredibly useful tool. I always though of these cameras as a novelty item and the thought of using them to learn more about my dog's behavior never occurred to me. My rescue has sporadic reactions to other dogs which appear to me to be unwarranted. I think that a camera like this would help to understand what is really going in these interactions.

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