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Monday, July 23, 2012

#BarktoSchool Ready to Rock

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Time for Another Twitter Party!
It's finally here, the day we get to let loose of some of the excitement. Tanner let the cat out of the bag a while back, so the badge slipped out also. But we've been buttoning up details and did not want to fully share the party's events. Finally on Sunday Irie drew the winner of our Blogger sponsor, and she was announced earlier here.

Are you ready to work on your pup's training, healthy eating, and good behavior skills? That and much more is what going back to school is all about. Many dogs have issues when their 'kids' suddenly disappear for much of the day. Pet parents often do as well. We'll be sharing tips to dealing with these challenges, while also getting some help from our sponsors in solving your Fido frustrations and getting your dog ready for doggie daycare, dog training and other learning experiences. Oh, and of course, every kid wants to look his best for the first day of school, so let's not forget that.

Join us Sunday evening, August 12 from  8 PM - 9:30 PM ET when we'll talk more about all these topics and try to answer some of your questions. Meanwhile, if your dog exhibits particular behaviors at this time of year, feel free to leave us a short version on our Facebook page. We'll try to be ready with some tips on August 12.

Oh, and silly me. I almost forgot to tell you that there will be prizes. Duh! I guess you knew that, right? We'll be giving away bunches of great stuff that is all very useful for pooches with pouts--over a $1000 in goodies, and we'll have some for your kitties as well. So watch for our posts and be sure to read up on our sponsors. There may be some Q and A's during the party that this information could be helpful for. Join the fun and don't forget to invite your friends.

Want to keep an eye out for all the topics, sponsors, prizes and more? Watch these sites as we'll be rotating info and sharing it on different days:
And don't forget our Facebook pages and Twitter handles will all be getting in the game. Watch for an RSVP drawing, a PreTweet drawing, and a Rafflecopter drawing. This party will get your 'kids' all set for Back to School.

Join me tomorrow when we'll name our sponsors and post the RSVP form so you can fill in the quickie form and be ready to go. See you soon!


Gary Owens said...

that is a very cute outfit holy cow!

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