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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Dogs Descend
on All Things Dog Blog!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© p.s. reader copyright
Smudge and Company
in Matching Patriots Bandanas
It seems appropriate that my first reader entry in the Super Dog Sunday Photo Contest should be one of my first readers from way back. At the time we met online, P.S. had only Sully, her original Yorkie. Look how her furry family has grown to 5 during her relationship with a local rescue! I'm proud to call her a friend, as well as to show off her cutie pies.

© M.R. reader copyright
Bandit Reaches for the Football
Bandit is certainly a sweet looking thing. I'm thinking he's about Oliver's size. What a pair they would make. 

Make sure while you're online that you stop by Dogtipper and check out the photos they are posting this evening. We've split the incoming email at and it continues to find more photos. Thanks for your participation. We love you all!

© T.E. reader copyright
Tank Eats Breathes and Sleeps Football

Some of the descriptions we're receiving with the dog photos are really cute. I'm loving my job right now! Let's show off this family duet:
© S.S. 
Daisy Has Tackled Ginger
They're Definitely Ready for the Game!
© S.G. reader copyright
Bobbie Sue is Adoptable thru Petfinder

Bobbie Sue is a Terrier mix that is a pup. Her siblings are with her in foster care in South Bend, Indiana, and she is said to be a sweet girl. For an online application to be considered for adopting Bobbie Sue, visit this link. Thanks for considering adoption. If you can't adopt Bobbie Sue, perhaps you could offer a small donation. Click the banner below or above to reach our donation page.


Patti said...

Sniff, Carrie...thank you for your kind words! I am so blessed to call you my friend, as well :) We are together in our dog ventures, aren't we??

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