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Monday, December 12, 2011

Springer Makes Biking Your Dog
Safer & More Fun

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© A. Boyko
Tanner Enjoys Biking
More Than Walking
Gone are the days of holding the leash while I bike the dogs. My new Springer bike attachment for exercising the dogs is a wonderful invention; now it's much easier for us to ride together. 

Until Global Pet Expo, I had not actually seen one of these gadgets, although I was aware of their existence. Today I'll share with you a bit about how it works, in layman's terms. Or maybe I should call it laywoman's terms. Ah, who am I kidding. You're going to get the dummed-down version.

© courtesy
The Gizmos and Thingys Illustrated
Apparently the engineering behind this contraption is pretty significant. It's got a gigantic spring (thus the name) that actually pulls the dog back toward the bike if he happens to pull away, as if to chase a squirrel, or perhaps a girl. There's also a breakaway gizmo to make sure Fido doesn't try to run around the bike and kill you both. Just as it sounds, the breakaway thingy will bust if Fido does a 360, and he'll be loose to free you from certain death. That may sound funny to you, but imagine having your pup run in front of you or behind you, causing a nasty fall and wreckage that could imitate something from an interstate highway pileup. I love the safety features built into this Springer, even if I have to call them gizmos and thingys!

© A. Boyko
Ready to Go!
You may be wondering if this gadget is too complicated to install on your own bike. Apparently not! I handed the box to hubby and in a matter of minutes he was back in the house announcing the job was done. "Seriously, I asked? Will I kill myself on this thing? How could you have gotten it properly attached so quickly?" After major assurance that all was in working order, Tanner and I climbed aboard, adding a short attachment to the connector to help him adapt to the shorter length of the Springer's leash. After all, we've been using a 4-6 ft. leash to bike for 4 years, so he deserved a little distance from the gizmo until we were both sure he'd be comfortable with the idea.

© A. Boyko
Oliver the Sled Dog
Ready for the Iditarod?
I gave Oliver the same consideration, although he is a bit less concerned about his proximity to the bike. On the other hand, he's also 60 lbs. smaller than Tanner, so I decided to give him the extra distance as well. He took off like a sled dog and was pulling me around the neighborhood. Let's be clear; this is a 10 lb. dog we're talking about--a Papillon with the finest bones around. He was thoroughly enjoying himself as we returned back home to get his photo snapped for this post.

At Springer's website you can get just about any question you may have about this contraption answered. They have specs, installation help, tips, FAQs, contact info, online ordering, owner info and all sorts of other good stuff like videos of people riding the Springer. You can also visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to learn more and ask questions.

Speaking of videos, maybe you'd like to see Tanner and Oliver in action? These short clips were taken by me while* riding with the dogs; that's how easy it is:
*Disclaimer: Don't try this at home with your Bull Mastiff, or even your Chihuahua. Leave it for the professionals, and no, I don't know any.

Looks like fun, huh? It is. Maybe you're wondering what I enjoy most about biking the dogs. I'll tell you; it's a tie between two of my favorite features of using the Springer. One is I get our exercise taken care of much faster than if I walk. That's a huge plus when I'm working these crazy, full-time blogger hours. We're not bankers. :(  

My second favorite thing is that while we're riding I get a nice breeze because of the speed. This makes the riding much cooler than walking, which is a huge benefit for me. I'm a total wuss when it comes to the heat. 

Now that I've got you all revved up to put a Springer on your bike, I should tell you how to get one. Their website sells them, and you'll be right there where you can get all your installation questions and specs taken care of. Just click the link and you're there. If you have questions after you've read the installation info and FAQs, hit the Contact form and send Shell a quick email. He's very friendly and helpful.

One last option? Okay, let's do a giveaway. That was a commercial by the way; the giveaway will begin on Thursday. Be here if you want to enter.

If you'd rather just order your own, the link is right there--two paragraphs up. Let us know how you enjoy your Springer, and don't forget to tell Springer where you learned about them. Happy riding!

Full disclosure: I lucked up and met Shell at Global Pet Expo, where he gave me a review sample so that I could write this review. I was not paid to review the Springer and the opinions here are my own thoughts about the thingys and the gizmos. There is no purchase necessary to enter the giveaway, and you are not obligated to enter it. This giveaway is limited to U.S. addresses only. For more information, see my Giveaway and Contest Rules page.


Ashley Clark said...

Can't wait for the giveaway on this one!! We love bike rides and I would love to make them safer!

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Hi Ashley: Long time no see. Hope Hunter and Lola are well. You've been busy, huh?

Dog Bike Carrier said...

It is cute bonding moment between dog and owner.

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