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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dog Bed Connoisseurs
Flock to the P.L.A.Y. Giveaway

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Tanner's Fave Spot Overlooking our Pool

© Carrie Boyko
My Tired "Camper"
Apparently dog beds are a hot item. I just had no idea! When I took on the Pet Lifestyle and You bed review, I had not prior experience with reviewing dog beds. Tanner was definitely pleased to take over this new job. He's been caught in several compromising positions this week, which I have promised not to share on the blog. Let's take a quick peak at his first nap here; he's half off the bed, but obviously quite relaxed!

Speaking of fun photos, our readers really rocked my email this week. I received a total of 40 photos with great captions and fun-loving messages on them. What made it particularly special for me was that I got to meet my P.L.A.Y. friends at Blogpaws during our review and giveaway. What great timing, huh? Needless to say, Will, Phuong, and especially Momo are very pleased with your reaction to their beds. Here's some of the many photos you shared with us:

Since I returned home from the Blogpaws conference, Tanner and I have tried a few new places for his new favorite bed. We seem to end up always putting it back in the original spot. I've gotten a few "What the heck are you doing?" looks from him during these experiments. He probably thought I was hauling off his new place to snooze. 

I hope our winner will be as thrilled with the new addition to their home as Tanner is with his. We wish we could give all 359 entries a bed, but the deal was one bed of the winner's choice. That winner is a 19 year old Pug named Mugsy. Mugsy's story was a tear jerker, as you may know if you read the comments. One kindly reader even pulled out of the contest and told me she hoped Mugsy would win the bed. She got her wish too!

Congratulations from one Pug to another. I'm sure Momo will be proud to put his stamp of approval on Mugsy's bed. Mugsy's family will be notified and needs to reply with a street address and phone number to my email at ASAP. We're all happy for you, Mugsy--especially Momo.

© courtesy
For those of you who would like to visit P.L.A.Y. to purchase your own bed, their website is always open and Momo will be glad to usher you in. Happy shopping!

Full disclosure: Pet Lifestyle and You provided a bed for Tanner to test.We shared our thoughts about the bed and the company honestly and were not paid to review their products or offer a positive review.


Hawk aka BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all,

Wow, which pic do I like best???? ALL of them!!!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mugsy!! You deserve a soft and very comfortable bed. Enjoy your bed!! Please post a picture of Mugsy on the bed!!

S. Gilbert

shilohsmom said...

Congrats, Mugsy!

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