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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do Dogs Need Beds?
My Rarely Wordless Wednesday Post

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© Carrie Boyko
Who Needs a Dog Bed?

© Carrie Boyko
A Golden Lap Dog?
Do dogs really need beds? Maybe you have a lap dog. Even so, can a dog have too many beds? I think this is a semantics question. We think of sleep when we use the word BED. Yet for a dog, this is their only personal and private furniture, a place reserved for them. Many pet owners do not allow their pets to occupy their human chairs, beds and couches, sometimes because of fur or dirt, or simply because it's their house rule. That's fine. It is certainly their choice.

As humans, we expect that everywhere we wish to sit there will be a chair, bench or couch, mostly for our comfort. While I'm not suggesting that your pup requires a bed to sit,  it is clear that dogs will often select a soft spot to pad their nap or rest time. 

Dogs beyond their 7th year are considered to be seniors, and by this time should be offered a bed to rest on in each location that they often like to take a time out. With our larger dogs this may mean a bit more of an investment, but this is one expense that can prevent pressure on joints and relieve oncoming arthritis discomfort with age.

© Carrie Boyko
Beds, Beds...Never Enough!
My 5 year old Golden Retriever, Tanner, is approaching this age. I've begun to select areas where he enjoys hanging out to watch the passersby, the family activities, and other favorite views. My target is to have a large, cushioned bed for each of these spots, so that he can rest in soft comfort, protecting those hip joints that so many Goldens have trouble with as they age.

Let's not forget the pool--his favorite thing to watch! It never ceases to amaze me how, even when forbidden to swim, Tanner still enjoys simply watching his pool. Do you suppose he is like many humans who enjoy a waterfront view from their perch at a window? I think he's secretly hoping that a poolside dog bed will appear one day. Is that a new product category? Hmmm....?

I think we've narrowed it down to 5 spots in the house that require a bed, along with 1 in my doggie-mobile. Tanner travels with me frequently, so I've just recently added a bed to the back of my car, where he rides happily seat-belted on a cushiony bed. 

Join me tomorrow when I review our latest acquisition, a bed from P.L.A.Y., or Pet Lifestyle and You. Will there be a giveaway? You bet!


petdoginsurance said...

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Jane Cooper said...

Well, dogs need their sleep, too, and a good bed is an essential part of their belongings as well. Many people still feel that a dog can sleep anywhere...after all they are animals. Sure, dogs will sleep anywhere, but it's usually because they have no choice.

But there are some good reasons to provide a good bed for your dog, and it will help him to be the good dog that you demand of him.

Anonymous said...

Schooner and Skipper have a 3 beds in the house, 1 big bed in the car, 1 bed on the boat and the couch, chaise to sleep on. Plus they sleep in bed with us.
Outside they have a double chaise or on top of the hot tub to sleep on. Schooner will sit and lay down on the cement outside but Skipper will not sit or sleep on anything but the chaise or hot top outside.
Sharon Gilbert

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Not at all, Sharon. They obviously are being given the beds that they "need" if they can choose between beds, chaise lounges, and the cool ground. Often when Tanner is hot after a walk, he sprawls on the cool tile to bring his temperature down. I see more of this in the summer and more bed or couch time in the winter.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

i cannot begin to tell you how many beds I have bought for Dakota. He refuses to use ANY of them. The last one we bought he tried to eat. The one before that, Cody adopted.
We allow Dakota and Cody to be on our furniture (that is why they call it "fur"niture right?)
No more bed buying for us!

Pup Fan said...

Bella loves the bed in my bedroom... but there's an identical bed on the first floor that she uses only to hold her toys. I have a feeling she sleeps on the couch all day instead... :)

Janie said...

We have 2 doggie sofa beds, 2 other beds in the bedroom and 2 more for the car! Amazing what we do for our fur babies, huh?

Dawn said...

I several beds throughout the house so that my dogs can rest confortably no matter which room they follow me into. Sephi, however, who is 10 years old, does not like the big fluffy comfortable beds. She often chooses the floor over the bed.

Rob said...

I agree, it helps to have a couple of dog beds in the house. Otherwise I think pets are more likely to lay on your furniture.

Anonymous said...

my stupid shepard mix destroys everything i handed to her including beds! arthritis or not i don't have that kind of income to buy dog beds over and over and over and over...........

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

Dear Anonymous: Often we find that dogs who are destructive of many items in the home are in need of more physical and mental activity and stimulation. I bet that shepherd mix of yours would surprise you if you biked her or walked her for an hour a day. Have you tried dog parks? Well-socialized dogs can enjoy the interaction with other dogs as well as the activity of playing and socializing. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - your shepherd mix may not see you as the pack leader. My shepherd mix chewed up lots of things - the dog bed, a couch pillow, many remote controls - until I reasserted my pack leadership and claimed everything in the house as mine.

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