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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Things Dog Blog Inspires...

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
What a delightful way to start the day. As soon as I signed on to check my morning comments, there it was--an award from Boondocks the Wonder Dog. I'm not sure exactly who we've inspired, but it felt good to know that Boondocks and his family felt our presence. Thanks to Boondocks and his whole pack for this nice compliment.

The fun part of winning one of these blogging awards is passing it along. It gets to travel to whomever I choose X 10. It's always tough to narrow it down to 10. Let's see how I do, and please know these are in no specific order:
  1. Carol Bryant--This is awarded to Carol personally, as a writer that I respect and enjoy working with. She can choose to display the award wherever she wishes--a professional site or her FIDO Friendly blog.
  2. Kim Clune--The same goes for Kim. Since she has 2 blogs, I'll let her choose where to display her award: Btc4Animals or This One Wild Life.
  3. Doreen Disbro--For your faith in my efforts to get a giveaway blog hop started, thank you for inspiring me further: Doggies and Stuff.
  4. Elizabeth Glavin--You've been a delight to work with in our crossover areas of saving money on pet stuff, but most of all you're one of those young women that takes the bull by the horns and gets where she intends to go. You go girl: 20something Saver.
  5. April of A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design-- Thank you for being so patient and willing to work with my very specific Bow Wow ideas about my blog's little design issues. Your patience earned you this award.
  6. Paris Permenter--Although you and Dogtipper have probably won every award in the blogging world (or should have), perhaps you'd like to display this at CatTipper as a thank you from my cat, Patches, for all your gracious assistance to me. P.S. Patches wants to be featured as a cat of the day.
  7. Michael Baugh--Thank you for joining All Things Dog Blog as an Ask the Dog Trainer columnist. Your writing inspires and has earned you this award for Michael's Dogs.
  8. Pat Bradley, DVM--I can't thank you enough for the hours of devotion you have given to your Ask the Vet column here. Written with such touching humor and understanding, the counselor side of you always shines through.
  9. Terry Lynn Cuyler--For sticking with me as an Ask the Trainer columnist, through complications in our electronic communications, I am thrilled that you're here and always love the variety you are able to bring to your answers for our readers as their Paws Prof.
  10. Leslie May at Raise a Green Dog--What can I say except that my blog is your fault! I found your site BEFORE I even conceived of a dog blog. At the time I was writing about green and organic living and your blog introduced me to a way of sharing my dogs in the light of that lifestyle. It was the perfect fit. Thank you for inspiring me.
Grab your award from the top of the page and take enjoyment in the process of choosing those you will bestow the award upon now. The rules say 10, but I'm not counting. Enjoy the journey!


Kim Clune said...

Wow, Carrie! Congratulations on winning this much deserved award ... and thank you for sandwiching me right smack in the middle of the talented Carol Bryant and the dedicated Doreen Disbro - who is ALL heart.

I noticed your BlogPaws badge in the sidebar. I'm posting my own today and I'll see you there!

Carol Bryant said...

Awww you brought tears to my eyes. My goal as a writer is to inspire, educate, make people laugh and help dogs. I have learned so much from your blog, Carrie, and I continue to do so. TY for this and sending you a high paw and warm hug back.

Carly @GreenDogLove said...

Congrats on the award! I look forward to reading all of the blogs you recommended.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, thank you! You're such an inspiration! Thank you for all you've done. Have a great day!

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