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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green Dogs Delight in Greenies;
Did We Forget Mom?

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© reader copyright on file
Milele Shows Off
Her Love for Greenies

Do you realize that a week from Sunday is Mother's Day? OMG! I've been putting this off, but it's time. I'm bringing out the big guns. Who remembers the handbags I brought in a while back? I thought I would set up a little store on the site, but for now I've decided that I'm not really liking the whole record keeping, inventory, and sales tax thing. Ya know? 

I've decided to stick with what has been working: product reviews, strategies for happy dogs and happy families, and the Ask the Vet and Ask the Dog Trainer columns. After all, Tanner and Oliver need to eat.
© Carrie Boyko
Small Linen-Look Handbag
So, on to the handbag giveaway. Let's start with 1 tote bag and 1 small handbag. I've selected these two for the Mother's Day giveaway. The tote is large enough to carry your laptop, made from a soft woven fabric with a zippered top and fully lined interior, including a pocket. The small linen-look handbag is also lined with a zippered top and interior pocket. Both have squared bottoms and double webbing handles. They are perfect for that mother in your life that is totally smitten with pups.

The handbags come from a small community of ladies in Thailand that hand make these bags. The detail of the hand stitched decorations is just adorable. This is, hands down, the cutest thing I found in Thailand during my visit with our son over the holidays. I've brought these home for YOU. So enter enthusiastically and have fun with this! I have a feeling the competition will be intense, so I'm going to lay down the law: 

  • One entry per day per person, via comment here on the blog, Facebook, or @Tweet.
  •  Stop in at our Facebook page and hit the "Like" button; follow us on Twitter.
  • An email subscription would be much appreciated, as well as provide you with ready access to our daily posts. I wouldn't want you to miss out on the news that you won an adorable handbag. The subscription box is at the top of the sidebar. Be sure to visit your email immediately after you fill in the box. When the verification email arrives momentarily from Feedburner, click the link inside to activate your subscription. Now you're ready to receive my posts daily without any extra effort.
  • Email submissions will be taken only in photos (dogs only, please) or essay form. Your topic is "The Essence of Motherhood" (as it relates to you, your dog, or your mom).  Send photos or essays to A winning essay may be published here, and we will acknowledge your copyright.
  • This prize is available to any winner, anywhere. I'm not going to limit this to North American addresses. All you folks in Europe, Asia and outer yahoo are welcome to join in!
  • You do need to be 18 or older, and this giveaway is void where prohibited.
  • There's absolutely no way I can get it to you or your mom in time for Mother's Day, so consider a certificate, or print out the photo. I will mail it to your mother in giftwrap or a giftbag, if you request. (Yeah, I know. I'm a sucker for a loving daughter).
  • Entries close Thursday evening, May 5, 2011 at 5:00 PM. sharp. The winners will be announced on Friday, May 6. Please check the blog on Friday and get the mailing address to me at your earliest convenience, to avoid an angry mother. That just wouldn't fit the theme, here!
Now, back to the Greenies giveaway. The winning dogs are:
Large: Kouga
Medium: Roxy (Katie's)
Petite: Bosco
Teenie: Ruby

Send your address to Shipments go out within 1 week of receipt of your address. Congratulations to these pups who will have sparkling teeth for Mother's Day. Won't she be proud!

To those of you who did not win: Your entries will go into the big drawing box for general drawings coming up. There are plenty more great dog gifts where these came from, so stay tuned to the blog or your email subscription. Don't have one yet? It's free to sign up in the top of the sidebar. Nothing could be easier. Simply fill in your email address and you'll receive a confirmation from Feedburner. Be sure to click the link inside this email in order to activate your subscription. Happy tails!

Now, let's go hopping. Friday we're joining the group at A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design and Hoppin' Weekend,  and Saturday we'll be hopping right along with the usual Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop. Our hosts there are Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs and Confessions of the Plume. Be sure to pop in and thank all five of our hosts for their gracious hospitality. Enjoy your tour:

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