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Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Things Dog Blog Wishes Tanner a Happy 4th Birthday

(c) Carrie Boyko

Tanner and Toni
Celebrate His 4th Birthday

Celebrations always mean good food, right? Tanner and I made ground beef medallions and Chicken Pupsicles today, for a celebratory afternoon snack. Be sure to watch the blog for upcoming recipes and photos of our birthday yummies.

What else did we do to revel in my boy's big day? Did you really have to ask? You get three guesses:
  • Dog park playtime with Tanner's regular buddies
  • Swimming at home
  • Not to be forgotten, a great fetch game with Tanner's  'Boomer' toy
If you're wishing you could have joined the party, feel free to send food, and Tanner will love you forever. Any kind will do. Tanner is not picky.

We love you! 
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