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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Pants for Dogs" Provides Fun, Fashionable Solutions for Many Dog Needs

Well, folks, doggie diapers for our ladies in heat are no longer our only solution. And doggie depends are so yesterday. Pants for Dogs has come out with a whole line of britches, for girls and boys alike. And why shouldn't we offer a fashionable solution for our pups' embarrassing little problems? Take a look at some of the unique ways your Fido can frolic in fun fashion.

Image, courtesy of Pants for Dogs ©
Panties for Girls
Ladies, both young and mature, can choose from a variety of adorable, feminine looks or fiesty, tomboy prints and styles. You can help Fifi pick just the right look for her personality.

Image, courtesy of Pants for Dogs ©
Jumpers with Suspenders
Jumpers like the one shown above, are fashioned especially for our pups 'sans tails'--bulldogs, boxers and all their wag-challenged friends. I think this bandanna print for boys is a great 'country boy' look.

Image, courtesy of Pants for Dogs ©
A Better Belly Band
Cummerbunds, as the folks at Pants for Dogs call them, are fashioned for our fellas who need a little extra protection from leakage. (How else can I say that without coming right out with it!) There are 16 different prints to choose from, once again helping you pick the belly band that is right for your Rover. Oliver and I like the Dish it Up design. Thankfully, he does not need this protection.

Image, courtesy of Pants for Dogs ©
Thongs for Dogs
A Sleek, Sassy Design

Finally, we'll wrap up this review with the fashionista's latest. "Thongs for Dogs (TM) kick it up a notch with flashy spandex and a sleek, sassy design that brings comfort to a new level without compromising function." As they say on their website, "it is all about ease of movement." Isn't that pretty much the deal with our own thongs, ladies?

Further, the folks at Pants for Dogs want dog owners to understand that Thongs for Dogs work particularly well with the coated breeds and wide-thighed athletic dogs--better fit is more comfortable. Your pup can choose regular or bikini cut for her best fit. I'm all for that. Look out Victoria's comes Thongs for Dogs!

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