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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dog Owner Help: Tanner's FETCH Page Adds Search and Retrieve Help

by Carrie Boyko
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Tanner and I had a Pawsome idea today. Inside our totally cool computer is a list of links to all the categories and topics that he and I have written about; around 400 articles are in our archives.

We'll be setting up an archives page soon, but for now, we're going to help you dig up the goods the funnest way--FETCH and RETRIEVE. Tanner's an expert at this.

If you'd like to play this game with him, you can get there by many routes:
  • Click the picture above to get to the Fetch and Retrieve page
  • Click the link under the picture
  • Look for the same picture in our sidebar and click it
  • Click the links by the same picture in the sidebar
  • Click any of the links in this post that say Fetch and Retrieve, even this one
It's hard to get lost finding the Fetch and Retrieve page, because there are links to it all over the place. We really do want you to find everything you're digging for.

We're almost done, now. There's just one last thing to do. When you are finished herding up all the topics you're looking for on the Fetch and Retrieve page, you'll need to know the route back here. Once again, just click on Tanner's picture. There's one on the Fetch and Retrieve page that looks just like the one above, so you won't need to find a hound to sniff it out for you.

Have fun playing Fetch and Retrieve. We hope you find something you can really chew on. Happy tails!
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