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Friday, May 14, 2010

Surf Dog Ricochet Readies to Raise Arthritis Awareness--Canine and Human

by Carrie Boyko

(c) photo courtesy of Heart Dog Studios

Readers who have kept up with this blog may remember Ricochet, the Surfing dog who raises money for charities. She is quite an accomplished girl. Her latest project is to spearhead an awareness building and fund raising program for arthritis. Dogs, just as humans, can be afflicted with this debilitating disease, and Ricochet is out to help wipe it out.

In a partnership with i Love Dogs , Surf Dog Ricochet is inviting you to join in and help. While Ricochet is walking in the San Diego 2010 Arthritis Walk, you can participate too, no matter what your location. You can send a donation to the Arthritis Foundation, walk in your own local Arthritis Walk, or enter the photo contest for 'beach bum' dogs! Better yet, do all three.

To find out how your dog can join Tanner and Oliver of All Things Dog Blog, visit i Love Dogs for contest entry information. As you might guess, this photo contest is all about the beach. So get your summer digs ready, because Fido needs to sunscreen himself up and look the part before the deadline of June 11.

You'll be able to see your dog's photos on the i Love Dogs Facebook page and on Ricochet's Facebook page. Prizes? Yep! Bunches of them. Grab your surf boards and join in the fun. You'll be helping out a great cause and your pup will get some modeling experience. Cowabunga!
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notary classes said...

That is so cute!! My little puppy (whose 6lbs) wouldn't survive the waves!!

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