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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ASK THE DOG TRAINER: Taming Excessive Barking, Part 2

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Dear Reader:

Thanks again for your letter regarding your "Town Cryer". I hope you found some helpful advice on calming his vocalizations in my first post at Part I. This is a follow up to touch on the subject of indoor barking. If you have further questions, feel free to write again anytime.

Teaching “Quiet” works wonders for indoor barkers.  Maintain a matter-of-fact attitude to encourage him to take you seriously, and train when no one is around.  Practice at least 3–4 times daily with 4-5 repetitions.  

Solicit and encourage him to bark.  Stand silently facing him and wait until he stops.  Praise only when he’s quiet.  Provide several treats at one time to condition him to the command “Quiet” and that being quiet--even for a few seconds--has its rewards.  

With success, extend the quiet time by not releasing treats right away, holding them a few seconds longer each time.  Add hand signals to the command after a few successes.  When he understands “quiet”, gradually add distractions.
Dogs want to please but require positive training that identifies what is pleasing. With patience, repetition and reward, you can have a quieter dog. 
Watch for my next post, when I will give more tips for extra hearty yappers.

Judith Joseph, D.O.I.
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