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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fetching Fido Announced: And the Winner is....

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Welcome Juliet

"Congratulations Juliet! Now that you have won the All Things Dog Blog FETCHING FIDO title, what are you going to do?
"Woof, woof!" Oh, so you're going to go to the dog park?
"Good for you! That's where Oliver would want to go if he won a photo contest. Can he meet you there? Have fun, Juliet. We love you!"

Good morning All Things Dog Blog readers, and welcome to the announcement of our Fetching Fido photo winner. Isn't she adorable? According to mom, "Juliet had a joyous time making mischief with the toilet paper", as she streamed it across the floor and back, emptying the roll. She certainly is creative in her playtime adventures.

Juliet's prize for winning 1st place in the photo contest will be delivered to her owner shortly. She is receiving a $10 Petco Gift Certificate to spend on whatever her little heart desires. (Treats, Mom, Treats! Pleeeze buy the organic ones that Oliver likes)

Juliet's mom shared the following story about a typical day:

"I take Juliet for a morning walk and she gets her breakfast in a
puzzle block or kong.  That gives her some mental stimulation.  The
neighbor next door has a young ShiTzu and we've made an arrangement to
let the poochies out each day around 3 when her kids get home from
school. "Tebow" and Juliet have a ball running as fast as they can,
bouncing off each other, jumping and leaping and playing for about 40
minutes.  They run until they can't breathe!  Both of them drop to the
grass and just lay there, panting!  We've both noticed that our
doggies are having a better afternoon after that strenuous play time."

Second place in the FETCHING FIDO contest will be announced in my next post. This lucky pup will win a kong, along with his photo on the blog. Photos receiving honorable mentions (to be defined as just about all other photos; I'm a sucker for most all dogs!) will be used as the headline photo in upcoming posts.  The lucky "Rover's" name will be included, so be sure to watch for your darling's image in an upcoming post.

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Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

We sure would enjoy a video of Juliet and Tebow in their afternoon romp--hint...hint!

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