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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank You Facebook Friends! Say Hello on Twitter....

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Thanks to all of you who have become my 'Fan' on Facebook. Little did I know, when I set up that experimental Facebook page, that so many new friends would find me. All Things Dog Blog is growing, thanks to all of you. 

If you have not yet discovered our Facebook page, click the link above and check it out. You'll see Tanner and I in a most unusual pose. He's a silly boy! 

Write on our wall and tell us what you think. Got a post idea? Is there something you would like to know? Ask!

Or, perhaps you'd like to send a photo in for our Fetching Fidos Photo contest. You can send your dog's pictures to You better hurry, though; time is running out! You snooze and you lose. The prizes will go to your friends who sent in their photos :(

Not on Facebook? That's okay. We're on Twitter, as well. You can find us there at

Look for Xena's picture as our logo there. After all, even our senior citizens need to have their time in the limelight. She is having trouble with the whole concept of 'tweeting' though. Perhaps we should call it 'woofing' for her!

Hope to see you soon. Get those pictures in. 

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