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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tax Deductions for Pet Owners:

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Now is your chance to become a lobbyist. Wouldn't you love to receive a tax deduction to assist you with the expenses of owning your dog--veterinary care, food, equipment and supplies add up. This, of course, is not to mention boarding when you are away, doggie day care or puppy-sitting for those who cannot leave Fido alone, and training classes for all manner of dog sports.

The ASPCA and a few pet-loving politicians are trying to pass legislation to create the HAPPY ACT, giving pet owners deductions for the care of their furry friends. You can support this by writing to your representative or Senator. They've made it very easy; a sample letter is included in this link, that you can copy and even add your own comments or persuasive wording. With this letter, you can accomplish this small task in just a few minutes. Go for it. What have you got to lose?

Maybe you'll be able to save enough on taxes to buy Cesar Millan's newest book, being released today:

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