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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Missing Neva

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I could kick myself. Neva, a beautiful Silver Labrador Retriever, appeared with her young owner only a few short months ago. She was one of few dogs in my neighborhood whose owners found time to allow his dog a romp with Tanner when they passed by on a walk. Tanner and Neva enjoyed a good playtime this morning, and then we had to say goodbye. I should have taken a photo of her and my gang playing. Her leaving  was very sad for me, but I tried to keep it together, knowing that Tanner would absorb my solemn energy if I "lost it".
I'm glad Tanner can live in the moment and not realize he will never see Neva again. He has enjoyed her visits and playtime immensely, and I enjoyed sharing dog stories and info with her owner. How odd that I had a warm and inviting experience with this young man and his pup, only to say goodbye and still not know his name.

Looking down the street, I realized that many of the neighborhood dogs are known to me by name, yet often their owners are only a face. Should I feel guilty about this? Sometimes life's inertia takes over and we don't find time for the things that are important. Maybe, somewhere deep inside, I was simply being a pet parent. Just as I did for three children, I focused on the needs of my dog. He wanted and needed socialization and play. That's what he got. I, in turn, received the satisfaction of seeing him happily playing with another dog with wreckless abandon. What's to regret about that?

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