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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dog Collar Styles: Your Personality or Your Dog's?

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(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2009

Oliver Sports his Country Boy Bandana

A recent publication in the Sacramento Dog Care Examiner, by Shellie Willetts, encouraged me to evaluate my own collar personalities imposed on my dogs. Since I have collected quite a wardrobe of bandanas, my dogs often wear them, particularly on special occasions.

Xena, in particular, is partial to her accessory, often bringing it to me if it falls off. It's as if she were saying, "Mom, please help me put this back on." I melt every time she does this.

According to Ms. Willetts, "the bandana is a free style approach to an outdoor and adventurous life style. You’re a go with the flow kind of person, you don’t always follow the rules and your dog lives the dream!"

I have to say that description works for us. Good job, Shellie. Let's check out some of the other comments in her enjoyable analysis of the many dog collar styles available.

(c) copyright Carrie Boyko 2009

Here We Go Again in our Sunday Best

More of Shellie's analysis:

The pink collar with sparkly diamonds: You are high maintenance and so is your pooch, what else is there to say?
The tied rope collar: You don’t care what anybody thinks. Ever! And your dog can prove it!
Black leather spiked collar: You are tough, macho and need everyone to know that you and your dog are NOT to be messed with.
No collar: You are a nudist at heart but are afraid to show it to others so you leave it to your dog.
Simple collar with flame decal: This style expresses a repressed personality screaming for attention from the right person. Your dog is communicating your desires silently; do you have an answer for the person who understands them?

(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko

All Ready for Earth Day

And still more clever classifications:

Collar with pictures of your dog’s breed: This is a repetitive statement and is only correcting the person’s judgment that is looking at your dog and not knowing the breed. You like to make sure everyone knows your dog’s breed so there are no incorrect assumptions.
Argyle: This Ivy League style suggests that you feel authority over others and believe your dog does too.
Polka dot collars: You just want to have fun and your dog probably doesn’t have a preference for this collar because you keep him/her so busy going places to notice.
Collars with little dog paws on it: This collar doesn’t make much of a personality statement other than it has dog paw markings so it is a dog collar. You pay attention to some details but are not engrossed in them.
Hawaiian style flowers: You just want to be on the beach and escape from the world with your dog.
Chili peppers: You like it spicy. You are a risk taker and like to lay it on the line. You are out there working and enjoy a break from time to time.
Solid colors: You are a basics person and you like to stick with a favorite because it works for you.
Leopard pattern: You are a show off and everyone needs to know it. You never keep your expressions hidden, you come right out with them and you enjoy your dog’s attention.
Zebra pattern: You walk on the wild side. Nothing keeps you down. You walk your dog with pride and often!
Reflector collars and bright safety collars: Safety first is your motto. You like to exercise yourself and your dog and take precautions while doing it.

(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2008
Oliver is Pooped 
After a Long Halloween Evening

Thank you to Shellie for her insightful examination of dog collars. I hope you enjoyed this and learned a bit about YOURSELF. I'll step up and admit that my dogs' bandanas are purely an extention of my nurturing inner self. Needless to say, my only girl, Xena, has a beautifully decorated collar of hearts--perfect for an affectionate, sweet girl. What else can I say?

(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2009

Jacque and Oliver Enjoy a Romp
in their St. Patrick's Day Bandanas

If you are not really into dog fashion or style, this interesting collar and heel-handle combination is a particularly clever tool. I tested one out on Bear, a local dog park friend of Tanner's. Bear's owner really likes not having to worry about remembering a leash. It's built right into the collar and retracts on heavy-duty elastic, so it is barely noticable. Cool idea, huh?

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