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Monday, July 20, 2009

Save Your Pool Filter from Death by Dog Fur

© photo copyright 2009 Alan Boyko

Even Oliver would Miss his Occasional Swims

I have a friend whose husband has put his foot down to their dog swimming in their pool. His concern is certainly not unwarranted, but nevertheless, there is a cure. Dog fur needn't be the death of your pool filter, nor the end of your family's fun times swimming with your dog.

Try my cure: Whether you have a cartridge filter or a DE filter, you have a small skimmer basket near your pool filter. This catches all the goodies that come through the pipes, like dog fur, pine needles, leaves and the like. Sand and dirt particles are meant to escape this basket through the small holes, then lodging in your filter. Dog fur probably was not a consideration when pool filters were designed. While some will pass through to the filter without my little trick, this sneaky pet solution will solve all your furry worries....and save your filter.

© photo copyright 2009 Carrie Boyko

Pool Fetch is Tanner's Favorite Game

When I forget to use this nifty cure, it is rather a pain to clean out the basket. Wet fur presses into all the cracks and crevices, making it tough to remove. When my pool repairman told me about this solution, it seemed so simple, yet brilliant. Simply take a knee sock pantyhose and place the toe end into the small skimmer basket. Roll the opening over the top of the basket and viola', you have a Super Duper Dog Fur Collector. I change it out about every week or so.

Do you think I could market this idea? Hmm?

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2008

Tanner Enjoys Pool Floats and Fetch Toys


Kim said...

Sorry Carrie, those pool filter basket filters have already been marketed, we have some for ours we bought. Yes the knee high does work but it tends to run!

Anonymous said...

If you go with a ezcleanfilter you can clean it as much as you want with just water

Faye@ Pool Filters said...

Wow! Bright idea! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

sta-rite pool filters said...

We have to clean the pool on regular bases. Not for Dog only but you can also take care of your treatment

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