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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rescues Available

Daisy, the Best Puppy in the World

Her foster mom describes her as an angel. She'll go fast, so don't waste any time. Look at that face and tell me you don't want to love her.

Moving on to a couple of Chow Chow mixes:

The economy is hitting everyone hard these days, and pups are not immune. Many families are giving up their dogs for adoption, when job loss or pay cuts make it impossible for them to feed their pets. Central Florida Animal Pantry is trying to help with this problem, by collecting and distributing pet food and other essentials to families in need. Bravo for this wonderful group.

Speaking of homeless dogs, these adorable chow-mix dogs were found by the roadside near Fort Christmas, apparently abandoned. Fortunately, they are healthy and happily being cared for by a helpful dog lover. They are available for adoption immediately, having had a health check by a vet. Both dogs are male, and both are up to date on vaccinations. They are both friendly and doing well.

If you, or someone you know is interested in meeting these pups for a possible adoption, you may email me at and I'll be happy to put you in touch with their foster parents.

Today I saw a wonderful quote that went something like this: If every dog had a home, every home would have a dog. What's better than that?

Over my door, I have a sign that says: Home is where you dog is. I guess you could say that's my motto. I hope to hear from you. These darling dogs are looking for a loving family to have some fun with. Wouldn't you love to play with them?

There's more:

Dee Dee

This is Dee Dee, a 13 pound Sheltie that is looking for a performance oriented home. If you'd like to train her for agility, she is READY! Energetic and a great age to start, she'd be a perfect agility dog. I hope to hear from you.


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