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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memories...Tanner as a Puppy!

© photo copyright Brent Boyko
Tanner's Second Day with Us

When I mentioned wishing I had digital photos of Tanner from his arrival here, my wish was granted. My son's camera held these photos of our new baby. Fresh after his first bath, he donned a cute bandanna and was getting acquainted with his new home.

Looking at these pictures, I can see that he was destined to become the tall, lanky retriever that he is now. He's certainly not the pudgy, more stout breed standard that the AKC folks would be looking for, despite the fact that he is AKC. I guess that's why he was clearance priced, just like Marley was. If you haven't read that book, you've got to pick up a copy. The movie is hysterical, but the book takes the story so much further. Either way, try to find time for this great entertainment. It's a wonderful story of dog ownership and the bonding that occurs when you bring a puppy into your home.

© photo copyright Brent Boyko 2006
Puppies: What's Not to Love?!

Tanner arrived in our home, curious and happy-go-lucky, the ideal temperament for our family. His activity level, confidence and playfulness were higher than his littermates, yet he showed a comfortable level of submission with us--not fear--just allowing us to lead him. Cesar Millan would be proud of this choice, even if he isn't the calmest dog around. He is submissive and that's the most important of the two qualities we were looking for. Energy is easier drained than dominance. He's a good boy, despite his Eveready Bunny energy.


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