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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Color is Your Dog?

What Color is Your Dog?

Celebrity dog trainer, Joel Silverman, discusses his recently released, WHAT COLOR IS YOUR DOG? Silverman will teach you how to better bond with and train your dog based on its color personality identification system. Is your dog a Red? An Orange? A Green? A Blue?

Noting, not every training techniques works for every dog, Silverman has formulated a way to discover a dogs "color" and apply training techniques based on that.

Joel Silverman turned his childhood dream into a lifelong career of training and performing with the animals he loves so much. Starting back in the early 70's, Silverman found himself working in every theme park in Southern California. From killer whales at Sea World, dolphins at Knots Berry Farm and Magic Kingdom, to birds, cats and dogs for Universal Studios, Silverman adapted his techniques he developed to launch a successful career in training animals to star in live shows, Hollywood films, television programs and commercials for the past 25 years.

More recently, Silverman has been closely involved and has been responsible for coordinating and training of the cats and dogs in many of the IAMS national commercial and print advertising campaigns.

As a host of the popular TV series 'Good Dog U', presented by Animal Planet, for close to 10 years, Silverman has had the opportunity to showcase his unique ability to relate to and problem solve behavior issues with a wide variety of dog breeds and owners. Silverman has appeared on many national Television shows such as Live, with Regis and Kathy Lee, CNN, CNBC, and Fox News, along with hundreds of morning news programs, Silverman has offered advice on pet care and training based on his lifetime commitment to the welfare of animals and their special place they hold in our lives.

His efforts on behalf of animal rescue and welfare organizations are well known and has become Silverman's personal and professional mission.
Excerpted from an article in the New Jersey Monthly, published 5/26/09.


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