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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Helping Your Dog and Cat Come to Terms

In addition to three lively dogs, I also have a cat, Patches. She's a feisty little girl who was adopted as a playmate for Xena, when Xena was just a pup. They played tag, napped together and have continued to be buddies, even in their advancing age.

Patches is not quite so happy to have Tanner and Oliver around, but we are making progress. Just as Cesar would tell you, bringing two animals together requires a calm human and calm animals. I am beginning to notice that after our runs, biking sessions and dog park visits, when Oliver and Tanner are more calm, Patches is much more willing to spend time near them. She is learning that they can be agreeable housemates, at least when they are well-exercised.

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko
Xena's Playmate, Patches
First thing in the morning is another thing entirely. Patches wants nothing more than to be fed her breakfast, and she is quite vocal about that. I have to work hard to maintain my calm leadership with her in the morning. The message is supposed to be, "You will get to eat when I choose." She is coming around--slowly.

So cat and dogs are beginning to live together without taking as much notice of one another and I am glad to see it. Patches' playful days seem to have been left behind, but she still enjoys cuddling up near her beloved Xena. Do you think she remembers their tag games?

If you're missing my pup photos, you can visit my other blog, Organic Journey Online, today or any other Wednesday (Woofing Wednesday!) to see my canine family. Today's post includes a photo of Oliver with my mom and her organic orchids. Congratulations, Mom! You're going green.


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