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Friday, January 1, 2010

Conehead, Megaphone, Satellite Dish, Lampshade, Sun Visor: Enjoying the Humor of E-Collar Nicknames

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(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2009
Tanner Adapts Well to his E-collar

Let me start with a clarification. Some people call the vibration-type training collars 'E-Collars', probably because they are electronic. What we're talking about today is the E (for Elizabethan) collar that our pets sometimes have to wear after surgery, stitches, hot spots or other problems cause them to lick or chew at an area excessively.

Now I can move on to my topic--the clever names everyone attaches to these funny hats. Xena is probably the expert. Since her spaying at age 6 months, she has worn one more than most dogs on the planet. She seems to have a need to continuously lick any itchy spot or wound, no matter how clean it might be.

This time it is Tanner's turn. A small scab on his cheek was just about to fall off, when it must havebecome itchy. Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! Over night Tanner did a number on the area, leaving it open, raw and much larger, just as it was about to be gone forever. There simply is no way for a dog to understand when not to scratch or lick.

Fortunately for Tanner, he is clueless to wearing the thing. He's like a bull in a china shop, running into everything in his path. There is no aiming this projectile object sticking out from his snout. His motto is Just Plow Through!

The names have all been flying. Every walk we take, another neighbor dubs poor Tanner with a new moniker. I get a chuckle out of them--some being extremely clever. Can you think of any more? What has your dog been called while wearing an E-Collar?

(c) photo copyright A.Weinstein
'Halo' was our New Nickname Today

Use my comment button at the bottom of the post and send me your nicknames for these odd looking hats. We'll start a list. Shall I put it in the sidebar? You tell me. Let's have some fun with this--go on now--write to me!

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Anonymous said...

cone of shame

Anonymous said...

I tell him he's conetastic, cone head the barbarian, I will ask him if he's getting hbo? Tell him he's wearing a lampshade but I think the bulb has gone out, then tell him he's not very bright. My dog just loves when you chatter at him so we have many cone related stories that the dogs just love to hear.

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