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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#Pet1stAid Winners and Thank Yous

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Last night's #Pet1stAid winners will be prepared for an emergency evacuation, at least when it comes to the basics of a first aid kit. It's a good start. With all the great tips that were shared last evening, we hope that everyone is busy building a proper kit for taking care of their pets in case of an injury or an evacuation. The message of last night's party was definitely "Be prepared"!

In addition to winning Dr. Emmo's first aid solutions, our winners also took away other first aid and evacuation kit essentials. Dr. Emmo's products pictured above will be accompanied by items from their prize partners: Gamma2, Healer's Pet Care and Petlinks Systems. You can learn more about these items at yesterday's pre-party post.

Thanks also to our guest expert @ArdenKnowsPets, for joining us to share tips and answer your questions. We all enjoyed her expert advice and are looking forward to working with her again at our next event.

By the way, thanks to all of you who attended and participated last evening. Despite the
challenges of 2 other pet space parties and a presidential TV address, #Pet1stAid was a trending topic! That's truly a testament to your values: pet first aid matters!

Congratulations to our #Pet1stAid winners: 
RSVP-@Charliethruhike, PreTweet-@ncazterri, Raffle-@GavinCarroll, 4-@Veetadog, 5-@Freckles_Goose, 6-BuddyReviews, 7-@OhSlowDown, 8-@Zoya513, 9-@FreebiesforFido, Grand Prize #10-@MissStellyBean.

We appreciate your joining us to learn about National Preparedness Month and how Dr. Emmo's is contributing. You can still take advantage of the FREE travel kit of their wound wash and wound gel by visiting this link while supplies last. In addition, Dr. Emmo's is offering a 30% discount to party guests using the code "pet1staid". This offer is valid through the end of September.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event sponsored by @Coupaw, #Coupaween, when we'll be sharing Halloween safety tips and giving away costumes, accessories and other holiday items from Coupaw. This event is scheduled for October 1. See you soon!

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#Pet1stAid was a production of Event Barkers, a social media events partnership of All Things Dog Blog and

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#Pet1stAid Takes Care with Rain Date

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
courtesy Martin Kimeldorf's Pixel Playground via
We're down to the wire in preparing for #Pet1stAid and it's time to name all the major players in this party so you can determine who you would like to follow. First though, let's just point out that JUST IN CASE Twitter goes down during our party, we'll return on Wednesday evening--same time; same channel: at #Pet1stAid.

Now that we've covered for any disasters, I'd like to thank our sponsor's for bringing in some extra prizes to round out the fun packages. You'll want to know a bit about these terrific companies who are supplementing the prizes and making sure your first aid and evacuation kits are supplied. Special thanks to all three of these companies.

You may recall the Gamma 2 Travel-tainer from a previous Twitter Party, #Gamma2Fresh. This terrific company takes freshness very seriously, and that's an important thing when you're storing your pet's food for a fast getaway. Visit them on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Healer's Pet Care makes bandages and booties to protect pet wounds and keep them clean while healing progresses. The leg bandages that they are providing for our prize packages don't slip down, are reusable, washable, and use a velcro closure for security. Check them out at their website, on Facebook and Twitter.

Last but definitely not least is quickly going to be your pet's favorite toy. The Scents of Security allows you to store a piece of your clothing safely inside, to leave with your pet when you're apart. This scent of you will make Fido or Fluffy feel less alone and more confident in your absence. This toy is made by Petlinks. You'll find their products at Petco, PetSmart,,,, and 

Petlinks System has just recently joined the ranks of Facebook. You can say thank you to each of these fine companies for helping with the prizes by visiting their Facebook pages and "Liking" them. It'll make you feel good :)

Last but not least, I need to cover the players in tonight's game. Based on this information, you can decide who you'd like to follow at the party. Of course, you can always just follow a search for #Pet1stAid and see the whole thing. Be prepared to refresh frequently to keep up with the flow!

@EventBarkers:  Prizes and prize information!
@EBParties:  This is @EventBarkers' back up handle dishing more info on our sponsor, their products and our prizes.
@DogTipper:  Preparedness tips
@AllThingsDog:  Preparedness tips for pet families
@CatTipper: Preparedness tips, especially for kitties
@ArdenKnowsPets:  First Aid tips for all pets; feel free to ask questions :)
@5MinutesforFido: Oliver will probably be his usual silly self. Needless to say he won't have any help from Tanner or Patches, so expect to hear some whining.
@ParisandJohn:  Evacuation planning; what should you pack?
@DrEmmo1:  Say hello to our host and feel free to chat. Enjoy!

See you tonight for #Pet1stAid. Come early and plan to learn a lot!

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We're working on this promotion with Dr. Emmo's through our Event Barkers partnership with

Monday, January 21, 2013

#SuperDogPics Winners Score

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
#SuperDogPics Grand Prize
All This and More! 

Last night's #SuperDogPics Twitter Party was full of pros. While every game has a few Rookies, they were not evident during gametime last evening. Way to go, and congratulations to everyone who won our 10 sensational prize packages, totalling more than $1500 in value.

While our winners were all announced during the party, we'd like to recap just a bit for those of you who missed the event. But first let's be sure we properly thank our sponsors who provided all the terrific prizes and fun.

Guest experts @LifeandDog and @CartoonYourPets provided education and entertainment while the prizes were handed out by @EventBarkers.  The photo tips were 
flying from multiple handles as @LifeandDog, @Dogtipper and @AllThingsDog all offered their own versions of help for Super Dog Sunday™ entries.

A LIVE pet illustration was surely the hit of the show for non-photographers. Thanks to @CartoonYourPets for illustrating @ToDogwithLove's precious pup. This was truly an enjoyable progression to watch as it unfolded with photos throughout the event.

The All Things Dog Blog offices look like a pet shop currently as we are preparing to ship prizes to all 10 of our winners. Special thanks to our sponsors @ILoveMyK10 pet supplements, @ThingsYourDog, the authors of the comical book Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know, @TobyandMax inspirational jewelry, and Gypsy Eyes Clothing, the Etsy store who provided the adorable pet hoodies to four lucky winners. Add to this list the two beautiful pet illustrations, subscriptions from Life+Dog magazine, and special prizes from Event Barkers, and you've got yourself a bunch of great prize packages.

We'll be sharing some of the tips we learned during last night's event on Dogtipper and AllThingsDogBlog. If you're planning to enter the photo contest, you may want to check it out here and be sure to read the rules. Fair games are always more fun. Enjoy the journey; no fumbling!

Winners will be highlighted a bit later...lots of shipping to get going. More soon,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog the Change for Petfinder

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

Blog the ChangeBlog the Change Day is here and All Things Dog Blog is on the case. We're all wrapped up in a charity fundraiser to help Petfinder Foundation with their work to assist shelters and aid in adoptions. You can make an executive decision right now to be part of the solution by clicking the link to make a donation--small or large--to Petfinder Foundation. Your money will help homeless pets find forever families. What could be more rewarding?

Our event, co-sponsored with by our social media events partnership, is called Super Dog Sunday™. That name rolls right off your tongue, doesn't it?! Super Dog Sunday™ is a football-themed photo contest that allows entries of pets as well as themed Petfinder adoptable photos. These can be themed using photo editing techniques, hand artwork or any other methods. We're just happy to have them promoted with their name and a profile page url. We hope to be as lucky as last year and get a few of our promoted Petfinder pets adopted as a result of our efforts.

This photo contest's funds go 100% to Petfinder Foundation. We have a nice lineup of sponsors that have supported Petfinder with cash donations, as well as providing prizes for our photo contest winners. As one of the sponsors, Event Barkers is donating prizes and all our labor to make this event happen. You'll find a list of all the sponsors' social media details below; please check them out and visit them to say thank you. I know they will appreciate your comments.

To help us with Super Dog Sunday™ this year, Event Barkers has also formed a Cheer Team of social media enthusiasts to help promote the event. We're so proud to have a team of dedicated bloggers and Twitterers that are willing to share our passion and pass it on to all of you. Thank you to all of you who volunteered as Cheer Team members. You're a terrific support system for our efforts at Event Barkers, and can count yourself as part of the solution! Thanks for helping Event Barkers Be the Change!

Event Barkers' Super Dog Sunday™ Sponsors:
With additional prize assistance from:

Super Dog Sunday™ is 100% charitable. To learn more about how to enter and get tips for your photos, join us at the #SuperDogPics Twitter Party.
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