Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Dog Sunday Winners!

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
© JJ
Ralphie Cheers his Bears!
After our recent Twitter Party success and the fast, furious pace of those events, I thought nothing could compare. Wow! Was I ever wrong. Readers and followers from Dogtipper's ranks and All Things Dog Blog came out in scores to join in a charity photo contest to benefit Petfinder Foundation, the Second Annual Super Dog Sunday™.

Thanks to our sponsors Gringa Loka, PetHub, Tom Bihn, and Wag for providing prizes and financial support to Petfinder Foundation. Let's get on with the announcements you're waiting for:

PreTweet Winners

Gringa Loka Treats
to Delight Your Super Dog
One winner was chosen by each blog from PreTweeting to win the following prizes: 2 bags of Gringa Loka Peanut Butter treats, 2 packages of compostable dog waste bags from Wag, a QR code tag and $10 Gift Card from PetHub, and a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football. All Things Dog Blog's winner is @JBjerga, the owner of adorable Ralphie at the top of this post. Dogtipper drew @SharonGilbert6 as her PreTweet winner. Congratulations to you both.

Blogger Participation Prizes

Bloggers are an integral part of any blog hop and we appreciate the efforts of all bloggers who participated by linking up their photos, sharing our event on their blogs, posting about the photo contest to their Facebook pages and more. I'll be sharing an upcoming post to thank each of the participating bloggers for joining in our event.

Fashion Tags
To thank them in an extra special way, we have each chosen one blogger from a participation Rafflecopter to win the following: Each of our two winners will receive a one-month free button ad on BOTH of our blogs--one month on Dogtipper and one month on All Things Dog Blog. In addition, our lucky ladies get a prize package including 2 bags of Gringa Loka Peanut Butter Treats, a PetHub tag plus $10 Giftcard for an upgrade or any purchase at PetHub, and a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football.

All Things Dog Blog's Blogger Participation winner is I look forward to working with her to promote her site. Dogtipper's winner is FourPawSavings. Both Dogtipper and All Things Dog Blog will host an ad from each of these two winners. Thank you again!

Comments Winners:

© C. Boyko
Plush Footballs for Super Dogs
This winning category was simply to reward visitors who stopped in and got into the conversation. Photo submission was not required to win. All Things Dog Blog's winner is Taylor of Life with Addison, and Dogtipper's winner is Hanna Hudson. 

These two ladies each score a $10 PetHub Gift Card, a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football, 1 bag of Gringa Loka Peanut Butter Dog Treats, and plush football toy from your hosts.

Now let's move on to the winning photo categories:

MVP (Most Valuable Pup)

© courtesy Wag
This category was chosen by Blog Hop visitors and voting occurred on the site with "Likes" at each photo.  That said, our winner was easily visible as the voting tallies increased throughout the day. Congratulations to Sadie and her owner for scoring a whopping 91 "Likes". That's huge!

Sadie and her mom will receive an autographed copy of Secrets of a Working Dog from Wag, a PetHub tag with bronze membership plus a $10 Gift Card for upgrade of her choice, 2 bags of Gringa Loka Peanut Butter Dog Treats, and a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football.

Cutest Super Dog

© C. Boyko
Tanner Shows Off the
Sweet Potato Chew Toy
Our judges had a tough decision in the final four categories, but in the end, the winner of the Cutest Super Dog is #93-Jiff. Adorable Jiff will receive a prize package to include 3 bags of Gringa Loka Peanut Butter Dog Treats, a giant Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chew from Wag, a PetHub Scrufftag Collar including a Bronze membership, a Tom Bihn Krebs Recycled Leash and poop bags for the inevitable, along with a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football. Be sure to visit the blog hop post and check out Jiff's photo; he's number 93!

Most Original Super Dog

© CD
Well, this one is going to be fun to announce. Sometimes Super Dogs morph into different beings. I learned that from watching Saturday morning TV with my kids when they were little. Our judges' choice for Most Original photo goes to Dante, Number 74. Isn't he adorable?!

Dante and his Fido family will grab a package of prizes similar to the one Jiff earned, with one exception--in place of the Krebs recycled leash, Dante's family (with several fidos!) will receive a Tom Bihn Citizen Canine Dog Carryall, perfect for the dog park, hiking and other doggie outings.
© C Boyko
Citizen Canine Bags

Best Decked Out Super Dog

© Gringa Loka Treats
For those of you new to Super Dog Sunday™ lingo, "Decked Out" refers to those photos that were computer-altered with real dogs and graphic images in one entry. Participants were encouraged to use their creativity to submit their own Fidos, as well as Petfinder adoptable dogs, in this fun category. 

Our winner will receive a Tom Bihn Citizen Canine Dog Carryall, 3 bags of Gringa Loka treats, a PetHub QR tag that includes a Silver membership, an autographed copy of Secrets of a Working Dog, and a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football. Our Best Decked Out Super Dog was submitted by, and entitled "Touchdown". This entry is #39 at the Blog Hop.

Best Overall Super Dog

© NW
Molimo is Ready for the Hawaii Pro Bowl
Wearing Her Lei of Super Dog Sunday™ Footballs
Our judges labored hard over this one, as with all the categories. There were so many creative, adorable, fun photos. It was a tough choice, but the winner did herself proud. 

For her efforts, she will receive a Grand Prize to include: $65 Gift Card for from Wag, a Gold Membership from PetHub to include a fashion tag, 2 bags of Gringa Loka treats, a Citizen Canine carryall, and a commemorative Super Dog Sunday™ football. These goodies all go to Molimo, entry #21. Congratulations Molimo; we're all in love with your outfit. Tanner wants to know where he can get one of those cute leis!

As a final thank you to everyone who paritcipated, I'd like to tell you that we had one piece of terrific news. One of our decked out photos, submitted by an All Things Dog Blog reader in Wyoming, was adopted yesterday. His name is Gage and you'll find him at # 29. Thank you to A.C. who worked so tirelessly to get him adopted. We're all very proud!

It's not too late to make a small donation to Petfinder Foundation. Any amount will help to find a home for a dog like Gage. Please visit our donation page here, if you can offer any amount at all. Thank you again and we'll see you next year.

Did you Miss Anything? Find it Here:
Visit the Blog Hop Post here
Watch the Slideshow of one half of the entries here.
Watch Dogtipper's slideshow of the other half of the entries here.

Super Dog Sunday™ is a charity event to support the rescue work of Petfinder Foundation. All proceeds go to their efforts to help homeless animals.


Lori Miller said...

Awesome prizes, awesome photos, awesome event all around! Thank you!

Cynthia Downer said...

What great photos! I had so much fun going through all of them while blog hopping yesterday. Thanks for choosing Dante as most original. His canine brother and sisters will be happy, and I know I am!

dawn said...

Wow! Thank you! I've been getting practice Gimping out my pictures (and need way more) so it was fun doing one for the contest. Now to be sure Havoc doesn't see it and think it gets all the whole prize fro himself.

Nancy said...

I just phoned Molimo to deliver the outstanding news. She immediately ran outside and howled it out to all the animals in the Nebraska country side. She's on yet another vacation so she missed the big announcement, but she's living it up now! Maybe this time, us humans will move up in the ranks and get a crummy T-shirt or something! When she settled down a bit she came back to the phone and told me to let everyone know that she is grateful for the support. She also wanted to send out a special message to Tanner. She custom ordered her lei. The line came from the tackle box, the flowers came from the craft pile and the special footballs came from two great places. One is All Things Dog Blog and the other is Dog Tipper. Molimo would love to share her fortune with you Tanner. Would you like her custom made lei?

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

@Nancy: BOL!!!! That was such fun to read. I think Tanner would look adorable in such a lei, but we would never really impose on Molimo's beautiful accessory so much as to ask for it. Perhaps we'll consider making something cute and fun like that one day. You are so creative! Thank you for your participation and loyalty!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Thanks fr hosting such a great fundraiser for Petfinder! We're still making our way around to all the blogs to check out the pictures, but we loved seeing the ones we've been too. I can' beleive there was a football hamster...and a football snake...

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